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Welcome to Readincomics, the educational solution that helps your children develop their reading skills and their mastery of the French language while discovering children's literature and promoting intergenerational exchange.It is a project in its time that takes into account current social and cultural parameters:
How to make people want to read?

At Readincomics, we understand that many young people today find reading difficult and unappealing.
That's why we want to change that.
From original comics, we aim to modernize the learning experience of reading by creating proactive and educational works for young people. We believe in preserving the legacy of the original comics and building intergenerational connection through their use.

Are you tired of your child struggling to read and losing interest in books?

Look no further, because Readincomics, a subsidiary of Baroch Editions, has the solution! We’ve created a new and innovative approach to reading that will capture children’s attention and instill a love of books and comics.
Our project combines the visual and auditory aspects of the original comics to make learning to read or foreign languages dynamic and enjoyable.
Our goal is to help children develop their vocabulary, improve their concentration and foster their creativity.


Watch Our Example : Mélipona The Mayan Princess

Mélipona is a young princess destined to reign over a Mayan Kingdom where life is good. She lives in the carelessness of her age until the day when she will discover both the wickedness of certain men and the goodness of Nature. Raised with a jaguar as a foster sister, friend of a peasant son, she will become the chosen one of the sacred bees of the Mayas, messengers of the God of life. This initiatory tale will delight children, as much by the tenderness that emerges from the story as the beauty of the images that transport them to the heart of this fascinating civilization. The man who imagined this beautiful story is such an atypical character that he himself could be the subject of a book. Roch Domerego has many facets. He is the author of numerous scientific works and a novel. He has worked in France, Belgium, Africa, and Cuba. There is a common point that can be found in each of its many activities: bees.